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Amerisolar USA is a solar brand originated from America since 2007, with production bases in USA, China, Brazil, and Australia, and it is a renewable energy supply platform of solar modules and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for global markets. Amerisolar USA Group Companies have been one of the leading PV technical developer in global renewable energy industry and it is taking more competitive strategies based on its Leading PV Technology, High Product Quality, Higher Power Efficiency, Lower Cost Management, Global OnePowerStore network, as well as its Worldwide 24/7 Door-to-door Logistics Services. Amerisolar USA is also a provider of PV technical services for solar power plant (on-grid and off-grid), including technical design, installation and maintenance, for customers all over the world.

"Courage, Wisdom, Tolerance, Harmony" are the core values of Amerisolar USA, and "Innovation" is the soul of Amerisolar worldwide team. Amerisolar has been awarded as Top PV Brand in Spain and Brazil in 2021, by EUPD Research. In 2022, Amerisolar USA has launched "OnePowerStore", which is a solar system supply platform committed to deliver integrated solar power equipment (solar panels and ESS)to local partners in each country within One day (24 hours).

In August 2013, Amerisolar adjusted its corporate strategy and started to cooperate with the top-level factories in Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and China to produce Amerisolar modules. With the best and most advanced production equipment in different countries, Amerisolar shows a more and more competitive strength in US and EU markets with solar modules made in USA and out of China. In 2022, we have a production capacity of 9GW. In 2019, Amerisolar started technical research and production of  Energy Storage System (ESS), it's first ESS product type is Wolfram-5000.

Based on the technical cooperation with German and US Institutes, Amerisolar modules have been certified by  ETL, UL, TUV, KTL, JET, JPEC, MCS, CEC, CGC, CQC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, DEWA, RETIE, JPEA, FIDE, Israel Electirc,  FSEC, Inmetro, TSE, PV Cycle and“Golden Sun”etc. Amerisolar PV modules have been classified in three levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver, which respectively represent solar modules with tolerance of "0 to 5%", "-8% to 0%", and "-10% to -5%" , to satisfy different demands from different customers and countries. Amerisolar modules have been widely used in USA, Germany, UK, France, Australia, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, South Korea, Greece, Taiwan, Brazil, South Africa and other more than 80 countries and regions in the world.

Amerisolar has an advanced Testing Lab by working together German and US experts and engineers. Amerisolar technical services include technical design, installations and intelligent solar plant maintenance. The projects designed by Amerisolar technical team in many countries are generating very reliable solar power and protecting the global environment.

The earth we are living on is continuously being polluted, and the natural resources like oil, gas and coal will be used up in the future. Amerisolar USA team are working hard for the solar PV technology research and development. We believe in “Innovations Create Future” and Amerisolar USA is becoming one of the pioneers of solar PV technology and a loyal protector of our green planet.  

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